November 01st 2003

The time has come. I need your help.

Someone stole pieces of my art, even the quote by bj "The price for humanity was humanity itself." and even my name!

But .. you must see it for yourself:

Profile Page (link removed)

Homepage (link removed)

I wrote him an email but he hasn't replied yet. So I ask you to help me. Send him emails, get his real address and do something with it. Send him a lot of requests that he has to shut his pages down. Or do something rather sadistic. But let him know that he's crossed very sensible lines.

Real name: ******
Location: ******
E-Mail: ******

If you get his real address please send it to my email address (

I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you all in advance.

Update June 16th 2011: Forgive and forget!