January 08th 2007

A while ago my friends TaskBeenden and TheNameless were creating music by taking turns and adding element after element until both agreed that the tracks were finished. I heard about it and wanted to join that experiment that was later called "Taskless Sheep". This gathering spawned three tracks with a few alternate versions, six files in total. You can download the whole package here (17.9MB).

TaskBeenden and TheNameless also released a short movie recently, which you want to check out here.

As I predicted PHQ requires another month. Some people were nice enough to actually donate 100 dollars in total for a PHQ advertisment. I don't want this money to be wasted, so I want to make sure the new PvP system and other things are done right. However, as someone in the PHQ forum suggested, it might be better to actually advertise Halfquake itself as it is a possibility that PHQ can be enjoyed more when you know where it came from - but I still want PHQ to get that last kick before I say goodbye for an indefinite amount of time. Although I already know that I probably will be back for PHQ sooner than I can say "Ah, finally I can get back to HQS!".

But I tell you when I can't work on other projects soon my head will definitely explode. So, my dear friend PHQ, January will be your month. If you can't make it until the end of it, please let me go anyway. Don't make me beg for it.

Now you could say I can just take a break from PHQ now, work on other projects and come back later. But you will hear the answer that no, I can't do that because I've done that for the past four years and I want it to end, I want to get PHQ out of my mind completely, even if only for six months.

Oh, well.

Also, still no news on how I will turn myself into a fulltime guy-who-creates-things. I'll keep searching.