January 16th 2007

It might be a bit late for that, but I thought I should summarize the last year just to get a nice overview of where I was, where I'm now and where I'm headed.

- On January 24th I already had the impression that I needed a break from PHQ which is kind of ironic because hey, it's January again!

- February 1st was the day the civilian service finally started. Now that I've got that behind me I feel as if nothing happened. Well, I do see myself in a bit different light. For example, sometimes I just look at my hands and thank them for still working. I don't take so many things for granted anymore, like being able to see, talk, sing, draw, write, etc. These might be common things, but in a split second all that could change. And now I know that and I'm thankful. So I guess in the end the civilian service wasn't in vain at all.

- I released two photo-montages on February 11th and February 19th.

- While coping with the images I had in my head from the civilian service, I "finally kicked myself in my butt" and came up with the idea to work on all projects at the same time, kicking off the "MS' Insane Working History" page. Right now the site is down again for various reasons. One being that it built up pressure the longer I had 'Missed Days'. Another reason was that everyone knew exactly what I was doing (well, the four people who took a look at the history every day), which on the one hand ruins surprises and on the other hand leads to even more pressure. And pressure is really the last thing I need right now. That's why I decided to close down the working history again.

- March 23rd was the day I thought a bit about Reverse Psychology.

- On March 31st I released the Sound Designer which was originally planned to be an extension for IAD. Well, it's still planned, but you know what happens to my plans nowadays.

- On April 8th I opened up the cafepress shop which later got abondoned again. You had to pay a monthly fee if you wanted to offer more than one black tshirt design. Yeah.

- The MS' Radical Slim Shake Drink has been released on May 11th, or RSS Feed if that is your type of language. So far I've been using it whenever something worth mentioning happened and I keep on using it, although I don't know who actually looks at it (not a lot I presume).

- I laughed at that email I received on June 11th concerning the first Stick Figure Tutorial - which was immediately followed by Stick Figure Tutorial Part II on June 12th.

- On June 13th I finally delivered a statement concerning the progression of Halfquake Sunrise. It is available here.

- August 15th: halfquake.com was down and looked like this. I got my domain back the following day.

- After three months of work Turnament has been released on August 19th, including its own soundtrack.

- September 7th: After coming to the conclusion that HQS will need a completely different set of songs I released the tracks as a personal album called Remains. The songs felt more like they were taken out of my personal life and didn't have anything to do with the game. So HQS will get a completely new bunch of tracks.

- Wii for Vendetta - September 9th.

- On October 14th I received my new keyboard and ebass.

- Watching Lik-Sang go away, I decided to write an article about the whole "Sony Vs. Everyone"-issue on October 24th.

- Oh yeah, MySpace exists as well (I realized that on November 16th).

- For the MODDb.com Mod of the Year 2006 awards I made a little HQA Promo Video on November 20th. It didn't help a lot, we didn't make it into the top 100 (I'm not surprised).

Alrighty. Where am I now? I said it in previous news entries already, so I don't think I should mention that I'm desperately trying to get more free time for my projects.

And because we all don't know yet, the goals for 2007: Finishing PHQ, HQA Comics and Antaran's Journal. And Halfquake Sunrise. Let's see how it works out.