November 08th 2015

Here's a Halfquake comic by djigallag, which I collected on its own little page. You should also check out his instagram profile for more art.

Dmitriy has been busy again and sent me more screenshots of his Halfquake-style Postal 2 mod Useless Soul:


Szaladin has created a new musician facebook page and needs your attention, so give him that delicious like.

Kowi has apparently been working on a Halfquake map for a bit; at least he shared a little video.

Now for some store news!

The Rotten Melody Pure Pawesome Editions will cease to exist after the next four items have been sold, so if you're still on the fence, check it out.

The store's free Halfquake DVD offer (above $20), as well as the Halfquake Amen comic (above $40) will also go away soon; I'll offer different rewards instead, but those two in particular will be phased out by the end of the year.

And in other news...

I'm still working on my new experimental Unity game, it should be done within the next month or so. Working with Unity gets easier every day, and I'm having fun, which is very important! After this game I'll try to either make more little experiments or make a bigger game, I'm not entirely sure yet.

Walter's Deal needs a bit more work after all the feedback I've received, and I'm actually looking forward to improving it and creating its cover.

Over on Patreon, I've posted more images of my cats, took a look back at the flash game Moosy, shared an unreleased Taskless Sheep song, and posted old screenshots of early Half-Life maps of mine.

I've got nothing more to say, other than... You're all super important to me, and I hope you all have a good time.