October 09th 2015

Have you ever entered a theater and as you walk to your seat you look into the dozens of eyes of the audience, imagining that they're here for you?

No? Okay.

Yesterday, I saw someone doing it too; I can totally relate, it's an exciting feeling, even if it just lasts for a second or so (you can't do it longer, otherwise you look like a strange fool; or more so than usual).

Note: I watched "The Importance of Being Earnest", with Davit Suchet playing as Lady Bracknell, it was quite excellent!

I used to have more eyes on me, that's for sure. Nowadays it's mostly dead eyes, or eyes meeting me by accident (with a few brave and kind exceptions). My personal projects, my creative life - it's all over the place, right now. I have things nearing completion (my book, music stuff), but a part of me wants something bigger, something that would require my full and undivided attention.

Maybe I just need to finish what's on the plate to be able to see the bigger picture again - and I'm trying. Feedback for my book is trickling in, giving me more things to correct and rewrite. I've begun working on a piano album on the side and I'm adding to it whenever I can. And I'm currently working on another update for PHQ, which will be the last for a while.

I'm also slowly getting accustomed to Unity (making a quick Pong clone was quite helpful), and right now I'm working on a little game for my girlfriend. Unity is nice and all, but I find myself programming way too much with it. In the end, I just want to create, which is why Hammer was so convenient. There are Unity plugins that let you do stuff with visual logic, but since it's not built-in, I expect the compiler to yell at me whenever an update for Unity gets released, which isn't fun.

I'm just waiting for The Next Big Thing. Will it be Halfquake related? I don't know, maybe, maybe not.

Speaking of Halfquake (which I rarely don't!), I've written a small article about The Voice of Somos and interviewed Mike Hillard, who's the voice of Somos in Halfquake Sunrise.

And since we're still talking about Halfquake (I'm not even sorry), Robert Yang released a new game called Rinse and Repeat, which, at first glance, is a sexy shower simulator. Halfquake doesn't have sexy shower scenes, that's not the connection here. In fact, Robert was inspired by the Patience level (among other stimuli); having to wait for twenty minutes influenced his decision when coming up with a way to schedule the shower scenes. There's an in-depth blog post about it, which you should definitely check out.

In conclusion, I'm hoping to be able to at least finish one more thing this year, otherwise 2016 will be there to catch everything falling through the cracks. And right now, judging from the demolished house right in front of my window, those cracks are pretty damn huge.