July 18th 2003

I'm tired ... down, sleepless, dreaming about "The Ring" and Hulk beating the girl of "The Ring" because I'm fed up being afraid of her.. I see her eye, I see her victims .. victims... I can't do anything for personal halfquake anymore .. I'm weak, I'm unmotivated, I'm tired.. I'm hanging around, playing around with the warcraft 3 worldeditor, playing counter strike after 2 years of absence just for the dumbness .. my mind needs a break, my body needs sleep, my soul needs company.. I'm on vacation the next two weeks, I won't be here for you .. but I'll be here for you again and I'm there if you really need me .. mail, icq or whatever..
I can't promise to be alive then, I can't promise anything .. I don't want to disappoint anyone anymore.. I already did .. I'm not a god, I'm still a human being, I'm still weak, I'm still controlled by the handicaps of humanity..
I want to do more comics, I want to erase all bugs in personal halfquake and add all features I've promised, I want to make new songs, I want to create a new world.. a new world above halfquake, the next level.. and destroy halfquake.. I need fresh ideas, I need a new world to think about.. I need..
.. sleep..
Then I'll be better again, hopefully ..
Take care of yourselves in the meantime .. I want to talk to you all again when I get back .. back from sleep..