September 04th 2015

More screenshots of Dmitriy's Postal 2 mod; check it out by clicking the image above, I wrapped it in a neat link just for this occasion.

And speaking of Postal 2 mods, here's an unfinished mod called HQ: The Last Escape. It's weird and delicious.

Kowi, a long-time lurker in the shadows, has released a new album called "Garbage Truck on Duty" - no wait, it's called RamBazAmbaLbUm and it's actually pretty good, especially "Malt". Give it a listen!

There's been another Personal Halfquake update, fixing lots of things, changing not that much. (The world is still on fire, I hear.)

Over on Patreon, I've posted more random trivia updates:
And finally, here's a shout out to my magnificent friends over at Patreon for reaching a certain cumulative reward: thank you H4ndy, thank you Michael. *tips hat*

As for me, I've been playing Until Dawn, it's very well done and has entertained us greatly. I give it a hearty recommendation, if that means anything to you. If it doesn't, just know that it has a song about death.