July 05th 2014

Halfquake Amen has been mentioned in a recent WASD magazine article, which was written by Stefan Köhler (projektariel). You should totally buy a copy and support them (it's in German).

As I mentioned previously, Flo helped me out with creating the new Halfquake Trilogy Installer, it's done now and it even includes a small fix in the first Halfquake before the second "repeat" part (sometimes players wouldn't have enough health to survive the fall). The Halfquake DIY Kit has been updated with that change too.

Here's a funny story: I recently got an email stating that "Ben Drowned" (made by me and Pinkerator) is a bit popular on iTunes, probably because the name's based on the Ben Drowned Creepypasta, which was also my inspiration for the atmosphere of the track. I actually thought about going back to Keratordash and make a whole album based on urban legends like that, definitely sounds interesting, although I probably wouldn't get any sleep while creating more of that kind of music...