June 03rd 2014


Thank you Eva for the Somos drawing and thanks Kvindor for another sneak peak at the Minecraft Halfquake mod (complete with its own Absence Board)!

The other images are recent Halfquake DVDs that I've made; you can get those too if you order stuff in the store, such as the new Rotten Melody CD (hint hint).

Apparently I'm thirty years old now. It's taken me a month to realize and it will probably take another year to fully understand. Thirty! I still remember twelve years ago I was writing a Halfquake Amen news update, which read: "I'm eightteen *lol*" Yeah, you keep laughing, MS from the past! *shakes fist and almost dies from exhaustion*

I look at my list of finished projects and wonder how many more I've got in me. It's a strange feeling to only have a limited number of things to complete. Somehow you start to choose wisely, and in doing so you don't choose at all. You kind of don't do anything. Maybe it's the post-project-release-depression after Rotten Melody (which cost me like four years), but somehow I can't seem to find footing right now and just play games and watch movies.

The time will come I guess in which the euphoria of April's news post embraces me again, and maybe when time comes, it will also point its hands in the direction of my next project.

Of course, I still have to finish Walter's tale. My bag of ideas is bursting already, just need to sort it out and place words in a specific order.

Work is strangely occupying my life as well, and I keep wondering where all the time goes that is not used productively - and what it means to waste time in the greater scheme of things. As I said in a mail to my dear friend John, in the eye of the universe I'm so irrelevant I might not even be here. To which he replied (paraphrased): if a project can inspire at least one person out there, that's enough. And seeing the new images again at the top of this news item - that is reminder enough to go on with what I do.

So, here's to the next thirty years.