May 15th 2007

I've added a simple project page for Taskless Sheep, with images made by TaskBeenden. Our songs are coming along nicely, and I think in about two months you'll be able to hear more from us.

The last three days I've spent about twenty hours on coding for the flash game Moosy. I've added reflections, a key-door system, moving platforms, fundamentals of a new sound system, and cleaned up a lot of code of the original engine. I'm having a lot of fun, also because 5angel keeps surprising me with his art. I'm very happy to play a part in this project.

The first book of Antaran's Journal is on the way. When I'm satisfied with it, I'll share information on how it is available for those who are interested. As it looks right now the book will cost about €6, containing about 130 pages, paperback style.

And it seems I just can't live without writing reviews, so here is another Quick Movie Review. Enjoy!