May 11th 2007

Squidi started a new website. In 300 days he wants to write 300 game designs. This should be interesting. I suppose there will be a few real gems coming out of this. Check out the first game design of Negative Space and I'm sure you agree that it is hard not to be inspired by this. I expect a huge wave of inspiration.

I'm collaborating with 5angel on a flash game now. He's doing the cool design stuff, while I handle the coding side of things. This man's motivation gives me the creeps. And there I thought I was working hard for my projects. But I think 5angel is actually a machine. I've never seen anyone pumping out high quality art at a rate like he does. He also offered help with HQS, so you can expect a huge increase in art quality there as well. I'm truly excited.

I've been spending the last two evenings on two songs for Taskless Sheep, so Antaran and HQA Comics have to wait another few days. The thing is, I've been working so hard on these two songs that I was very tired today and overslept once again. I hate it when my body forces itself to sleep and ignore the wake up call.