February 19th 2007

Welcome to The Farm 3.0! Previously, this page has been a provider for various projects, including some that weren't made by me, and it featured a completely obsolete Stuff section. Now I've decided to make The Farm a 100% Muddasheep platform. I've spent the previous two weeks rebuilding the farm from scratch and here are the results. Everything is based on database now instead of simple files and I've collected all content I've ever created and put it into Stuff and Downloads. The Info section has been updated. The overall HTML code is a bit cleaner now (still not valid, in case you're one of those w3.org whores).

I've removed the Sven and Links sections, and deleted the exp-daily-visits-thingie to the left. It's an empty box now but I've got a few plans for that nifty thing, so keep an eye on it.

If you notice any dead links, please send me an email. Thanks.

I'll try to work on a few details on the farm site and then I'll move towards my next goal.

I hope you like the new farm, the most personal muddasheep source you can get. (: