November 13th 2005

Whenever you start writing a story you give birth to characters. I'd say that most stories out there won't ever get finished, so those characters start to live, and never see the end of their lives. I've always wondered, what those characters would be thinking. They are left alone by their creator, will they try to get to the end of the story by themselves? Or are they just standing around in the situation they got left behind and talking to each other about the absence of their creator forever? Can you imagine how many fictional characters there are in this world that never see the end of their destiny? Isn't it kind of cruel to give birth to someone and then turn your back on it?

I hear a lot of voices, demanding my presence. They want me to tell them how their lives go on. I always see them in the situation in which I left them behind. And I feel bad about it. I want to tell them the end of their parts in my stories so that they are free to go anywhere they want again.

Just like someone else is telling me the story of every second of my life. And at the end I will be free.