Taskless Sheep - Rotten Melody

Five years after Meadow Mayhem we finally finished Rotten Melody. There have been a lot of technical issues on the way, which ended up paralyzing our motivation for quite a bit. (It didn't help either, that I was working on Halfquake Sunrise, Keratordash and Cry of Fear meanwhile...)

Nevertheless, in 2013 I made it my top priority to finish Rotten Melody. It took me a little longer due to the fact that I was working mostly by myself now and inviting a lot of people to help me out with music and visuals, namely: Working with these individuals was definitely an amazing experience and I can't thank each and every one of them enough.

In early 2014 I announced that Rotten Melody would be the last album of Taskless Sheep. And so, this is where TheNameless, TaskBeenden and I part ways.
For now.

Release date: March 1st 2014