Muddasheep - Still Leben

I've always wanted to create music during a live stream, so for Still Leben I planned two weeks of Twitch streams. To make things more interesting, I asked friends to provide samples, so each song uses different sources of inspiration.


  • H4ndy (various sounds and samples for Mind Palace Elevator)
  • Oleg (rain sounds for Eternal Sun)
  • tipsheda (samples for Placebo Flower) (
  • Ivoryocean (various sounds and samples for Ticket to Paradise) (
  • Pao (various sounds for The Prophet's Delight)
  • Taskbeenden (samples for Time of Death)
  • Maximiliano Galán Cid (bass samples for Premonition) (
  • LupusRex (samples for Ultima Forsan) (
  • Moonlyer (acoustic guitar for Skeleton Parade)
  • Mariya Nesmeyanova (violin for Skeleton Parade)
  • Akim Boyko (bass for Skeleton Parade)
  • SaimizZ (guitar for Skull Behind The Mask) (
  • Funnycreature (various sounds and samples for Soulcrier)
  • Scruffy (rain sounds for In a Haze) (
  • Album cover by Marcela Bolívar