Halfquake Trilogy Soundtrack

Halfquake Trilogy required new songs to replace all the copyrighted music. Here's the full list:
  • Somos Version One (replaces a backwards Mission Impossible OST sample in the HQ1 Somos fight)
  • Triste (replaces GameBoy Tetris music in HQ2)
  • Hammer Blues (replaces "Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill" in HQ2)
  • Scream (replaces "Aphex Twin - Window Licker" in Offence)
  • Beautiful Gray Sea (replaces "Space Raiders - Beautiful Crazy" in Patience)
  • Leaving Hope Academy (replaces "Nine Inch Nails - Leaving Hope" in Patience)
  • Three Thousand Years (replaces "Sepultura - T3rcermillennium" in Patience)
  • LupusRex - Dirty Index Finger (replaces an Aphex Twin track in a HQ2 easter egg)
  • LupusRex - Hollow Hallways (replaces an Aphex Twin track in the HQ1 backstage part)
  • LupusRex and Muddasheep - Wunderground (replaces "Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People" in the house of HQ1)

Songs not included on the album:

  • Sea of Trees - Envision (replaces Marilyn Manson - Love Song in the HQ1 credits)
  • Sea of Trees - Blown (replaces Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People in the HQ1 intro)
  • Vino - Maxwell's Silver Hammer (cover) (replaces Beck - Broken Train in the HQ2 Sadism Express ad)