Halfquake Trilogy

The player is being punished for having done something wrong in the past (i.e. being human). Everyone is here to die. Over 100 different traps make sure to entertain the spectators with the player's suffering.

Halfquake Trilogy combines Halfquake, Halfquake Amen, and Halfquake Sunrise into one package, with over 100 fixes, roughly 15 hours of gameplay, new music, new sounds, new art, and new easter eggs. The release on Steam was made possible with a Steam Greenlight campaign and all the votes by the community.

Release date: October 5th 2018

  • "The cruel and unusual Halfquake mod trilogy returns on Steam."
    Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "When it comes to a game that is intent on pissing you off in as many ways as possible, one that does that and still keeps you playing is an impressive thing."
    Review by ICARUSLIV3S
  • "You're a glutton for punishment and the game is a buffet to you."
    Noah Caldwell-Gervais
  • "I somehow found comfort in the dark twisted world where everything was out there to kill me."
    Video essay by SaimizZ