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March 16th 2010

Here's an awesome Halfquake Amen Remix by Keygen, who also did the piano medley a while ago.

And more images! Keygen put most HQA Comic characters on a giant evil smiley, and Actine crafted a Sadism Box for his friend's birthday and took pictures of it.
Keygen's HQA FamilyActine's Sadism Box IActine's Sadism Box IIActine's Sadism Box III

And finally - after working on it for about a year the band "Ich und Meyer" released their first album, powered by the EXP manager. It includes 19 tracks and artwork for each song.


February 16th 2010

The new Halfquake Sunrise trailer is up! Thanks to LupusRex and Khamero for doing all the hard work, and thanks to TheNameless for the music.

There are also four new screenshots I'd like to share with you.

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2Screenshot #3Screenshot #4

Slowly reaching the finish line. Almost there!

January 01st 2010

Happy new year 2010! Here's a little thanks for the wait. Also, Halfquake Sunrise is at roughly 80% now. Just a bit more time...

December 14th 2009

Here are new pictures by Funnycreature and Stixsmaster:

Funnycreature's Abandoned HQA Warehouse Stixmaster's HQA

Then we have the experimental Ambience remix by Pinkerator.

And finally - Vale just posted a big amazing ten minutes long piano medley consisting of Taskless Sheep and Halfquake Amen songs, namely Stranger, Whenever You Dream, Craving, and TheNameless' Somos Expulsion and Slaphappy versions.

November 12th 2009

Szaladin's Ambience

Szaladin has visited Ambience (and somehow survived it), and Kowi has produced a Halfquake Sunrise Theme Remix.

The album Meadow Mayhem is now available on CD at the Place Where You Can Buy Things. Note that you get a free Halfquake DVD for an order over $20, and a free drawing of all Halfquake Amen Comic Characters for over $40!




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