June 01st 2010

The time has come! Halfquake Sunrise is complete.

You can download it here, along with the soundtrack. Thanks to Stixsmaster, Kiddikai, kowi and h4ndy for mirroring the files!

Make sure you help unlock new traps. If one is successfully unlocked, you get XP and a PHQ badge - and the trap is available for everybody to buy and craft.

This has been quite a ride, but it's finally finished. Thanks to all of you who have shown me support throughout all these years. I sincerely hope you're going to enjoy Halfquake Sunrise.

Also, apologies to Kowi, Hagbard_Celine, Michael, Terro, Pinkerator and Chen, who have submitted sounds/music for HQS that I wasn't able to fit into the game.

And now: Have a nice death!