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March 01st 2014

After roughly three and a half years - here it finally is: Rotten Melody, the final Taskless Sheep album!

Thanks to no.trespassing for the amazing photos, Astrid for the wonderful drawings, Tris for the awesome contrabass on "Dropped Down", and Reckoner27 for the beautiful cello on "Always Believe". And thank you John for the detailed early review!

Special thanks to Auri, who even during all this time has not given up on me and always told me the truth about the state of the project.

Finally, thanks to all of you - for listening and always being around. I sincerely hope you'll like it.

And now, please enjoy!

February 25th 2014

January 01st 2014

Happy new year!

These very words are brought to you by the new server - if you see any errors, let me know! (Unfortunately, the server can't be blamed for grammatical errors.)

Here's a quick list of things that happened in 2013:

And of course, there was amazing content created by you guys, for which I can't thank you enough.


Here's to a fantastic year 2014!

December 14th 2013

First off, we have the video Past by TheMrVictim, in which he used my song Why Can't I Stay from the Cry of Fear Soundtrack. Nice work as usual, Herr Opfer!

Furthermore, Manorheart released a new album called Candy Mayhem, which was inspired by the Halfquake Amen Soundtrack. You can download it at his profile or directly from my server.

It's an exciting time for me right now. I'm connecting with more musicians and artists for the new Taskless Sheep album to record additional instruments (i.e. double bass, violin) and create art for the website/cover/things. Yes, the release is being pushed back, but I've got some time anyway since I'm currently having a bit of a cold that I just can't seem to shake and there's still one song left for me to sing. I'm planning to finish it all in January, so we're looking at a possible release in February. As usual, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter (you might get the album a few days ahead of everyone else).

Two artists who have already contributed their skills for the new album are: no.trespassing and Tris from Phi Chi. I can't wait to show you guys what they've done.

As I said - exciting times! I'll be back with more news in January.

November 03rd 2013

Hey MrTheVictim, thanks for another awesome image! Also, here is me trying out MineQuake by Kvindor.

I've got some actual news to share. Rotten Melody will be the last album of Taskless Sheep. There are several reasons for that, which I will address another time. Basically, we're going separate ways. We love producing music together, and Rotten Melody will be the final proof of that.

Right now, I'm giving it every available minute that I have and pouring every bit of my soul into it. I have five more songs left to mix, two of those may need another instrument, one still needs my voice - so all in all, the album itself is almost done and we're approaching the final mixing phase.

I can also announce that we have one guest musician on board (with possibly one more), plus one artist and a photographer for all the art that will come along with the music. Taskless Sheep is leaving the stage with a bang!

I'm definitely excited as this project comes to an end, we've been at it for a very, very, very long time now. I hope you guys will like it.

Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and you'll be among the first to hear it!

When Rotten Melody is done, I'll go back to finish Walter's Deal. And then... there might be another game on the horizon.




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