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January 01st 2005

It happened again. Another number got increased by a small and yet huge number 1. While others were celebrating something they don't even know why they actually waste their time on it (yeaaaah we can count 2004 + 1, it only happens once in my life! woohoo) I sat in front of a monitor and worked on IAD. Sometimes I wonder who the weird person is, me or them. This year I definitely thought it was me. But on the other hand, being outside, wasting money on fireworks and alcohol, drinking so much that you don't even know what year it is -
I guess I'm quite normal..

Shocking. When you think about it that I've announced the beginning of HQS almost a year ago and IAD is almost half a year old already..

As I grow older, time passes faster and faster. I'm holding my hands against it, trying to slow it down but it runs through my fingers with a grinning, evil face.

This year will be a pain. After June 1st 2005 my spare time will be cut to 1/6 of what I have now, my income will be only 1/10 of what I earn now. Maybe that's why I prefer creating rather than celebrating..

I'd like to release something really soon. Either the next few comics or a playable version of IAD. I guess the next few days are free to be spent on IAD, but I'm not making myself any promises. I'm still on "vacation", but I've got a computer here and internet access, my GBA and my PS2. This turns out to be actually quite an enjoyable holiday..

I'd like to add that I got a wooden flute and a small xylophone (which was basically used for children). I really like to experiment with both and I expect me to use them for the upcoming HQS songs.

Guess I'll spend some time on creative stuff. Stay dead.

December 22nd 2004

I'm working on HQS. There's no time for HQA Comics, no time for IAD nor any other PHQ updates. It's HQS time. (<

December 16th 2004

Thanks to Blade Ronetz (9mmsolution) for donating! Thank you so much. (:

December 14th 2004

Click here to read my latest article about motivation. It's a bit weird sometimes, but I guess you get what I mean.. ^^

I've converted all 601 strips of the KidRadd comic and soon my new viewer will be finished. Another project complete.

The comics and IAD are doing very well and I'll soon be able to completely concentrate on HQS.

Well, until June 1st 2005. After that I'll be kinda dead for one year, but let's not talk about it now.

December 08th 2004

Recently I talked to a friend I got in FinalFantasy11 about how to slow down the way we sense time, so that you see everything in slow motion so you can act faster. I wish I could do that all the time. I guess my projects would be done in 200% of the current time.

Anyway, my current projects are still the same. I'm working hard on IAD, the soundtrack for HQS (whatever it will become later) and there's this comic that wants me to take care of it.

Well, the soundtrack and IAD are doing very well. I spend almost every free minute on adding more code to IAD (especially in the office >_>) and creating songs for the upcoming HQS.

There are currently 7 tracks available for the soundtrack. I plan to have 12 to 15. I thought about releasing a CD once it is finished. But I wonder who'd buy them..

Maybe if I cry enough on my website that I won't have any money during the time as a servant to state austria you'll buy them with pleasure. But eh, I guess I won't have any real money problems at all anyway.

I will soon make a short preview again of the soundtrack and maybe send a link to everyone on the death list, just to show everyone that I'm not dead, but deadly working.

By the way, theawake listens to everything I put together and he seems to be very optimistic.

Eh, no, I'm not turning into an optimist. You'll soon hear how I really feel at the moment.

Stay dead.




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