January 01st 2005

It happened again. Another number got increased by a small and yet huge number 1. While others were celebrating something they don't even know why they actually waste their time on it (yeaaaah we can count 2004 + 1, it only happens once in my life! woohoo) I sat in front of a monitor and worked on IAD. Sometimes I wonder who the weird person is, me or them. This year I definitely thought it was me. But on the other hand, being outside, wasting money on fireworks and alcohol, drinking so much that you don't even know what year it is -
I guess I'm quite normal..

Shocking. When you think about it that I've announced the beginning of HQS almost a year ago and IAD is almost half a year old already..

As I grow older, time passes faster and faster. I'm holding my hands against it, trying to slow it down but it runs through my fingers with a grinning, evil face.

This year will be a pain. After June 1st 2005 my spare time will be cut to 1/6 of what I have now, my income will be only 1/10 of what I earn now. Maybe that's why I prefer creating rather than celebrating..

I'd like to release something really soon. Either the next few comics or a playable version of IAD. I guess the next few days are free to be spent on IAD, but I'm not making myself any promises. I'm still on "vacation", but I've got a computer here and internet access, my GBA and my PS2. This turns out to be actually quite an enjoyable holiday..

I'd like to add that I got a wooden flute and a small xylophone (which was basically used for children). I really like to experiment with both and I expect me to use them for the upcoming HQS songs.

Guess I'll spend some time on creative stuff. Stay dead.