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rainbow zombies rainbow zombies Download | Play empty eyes
rainbow hair
a brain cell dies
and they don't care

no own likes
no own rules
mother commerce
turns them into fools

dirty chart parties
techno zombies
alcohol ladies
where are the smarties?

naive souls
(conservative naive souls)
white cloud tools
(crack speed and ecstasy)
holy god
(oh religious hologram)
turns them into fools

white and black
hollow chess figures
round the neck
summer tattoo stickers

you're all moles
dig your holes
you're too blind
to see your souls

this is an empty world
this is not my space
I am a stranger
in a foreign place
family festivals family festivals Download | Play one year older
face looks colder
granny phones
to call her drones

family festivals
meeting of terrestrials
you drive many miles
and just find plastic smiles

mother's day
all I have to say
just stay, stay
at home and pray

family festivals
extra terrestrials
irritating miles
sarcastic smiles

you had a bad disease
now you rest in peace
let's drink and eat
red whine and meat

i can't see it
leave me alone
i can't stand it
i need a clone

cloning festivals
nervously she dials
ambulance drives many miles
white rooms and plastic smiles
land of variation land of variation Download | Play life was like a lure
cold and black future
tied on a hook
with a sad look

got immersed into a lake
tried to forget the hate

suddenly hope rose
the hook left my head

a blue varnished hand
grabbed my soul
dragged it to the land
of variation

sinking in her eyes
dying for her wishes
thankful cause she lies
in a bed of wool

escaped from the lake
free from the hate

her fingers held a blue rose
I'll love her til I'm dead

your blue varnished hand
grabbed my soul
you dragged it to the land
of variation

stay with me
hold my hand
we drink black tea
in the variation land

we watch the lake
our love kills the hate

she is the mind in my head
i'll love her til i'm dead
reflecting system reflecting system Download | Play i am so tired
my head is full of things
things I would kill
if i were allowed to

surrounded by senseless papers
my skull wants to explode
my body sets my spirit
to vacation mode

i leave the screaming world
stare into my eyes
i see how they turn red
a tear drops from my head

what am I doing here?
can't you feel my growing fear?
I am afraid
and I am sad

my right hand hits the mirror
I open the window
the storm cries and screams
it is worse than it seems

you think the system works
but you don't see how it hurts
you think the system works
but you don't see how it hurts
wishful fiction wishful fiction Download | Play you always tell me
I have to learn
from books which are better
when they burn

you send me to a building
with boring people
they believe I'm a fool
but in fact I'm made of wool

I tried hard
to keep my minds back
but now I think
it's time for some respect

I pack my suitcase
feel my gloom
I leave my room
and take the gun

the teacher tells me
that I'm late
but not I am
it's his fate

the bullets say
here's our hell
easy to tell

dead bodies
wasted life liquid
unused candies
the gun smiles at it

cruel interruption
I open my eyes
was it just fiction
or wishful thinking
broken hive broken hive Download | Play I want to change
I want to change
I want to change
the world

I cannot change the world
though I must try
the world is a mess
and so am I

sliding down the street
melting in the heat
watching the sun go down
passing the broken throne

standing in the middle of nowhere
losing myself in your hair
being just one of the hive
thinking about the sense of life

drag me down, drag me down

drag me down to a world
which understands me
drag me down to a world
which accepts me

drag me down to a world
which needs me
just like I need you

I want to change
I want to change
I want to change
the world
angel of wool angel of wool Download | Play you're always stressed by school
and your flat
all you need is sleep
but there's your cat

I want to solve
all your problems
I always want to
embrace your soul

but you are always
miles away
I search and search
and can't find you anyway

soon we'll be together again
soon we'll be together again

so, don't cry
so much
don't forget shuenga is here
to watch

I want to caress your back
and kiss your neck
then I whisper
"good night, my angel of wool"

but you are always
miles away
I search and search
and can't find you anyway

soon we'll be together again
soon we'll be together again
chronological chronological Download | Play when I dream with you
and we feel fine
nothing can disturb us
except time

my lips are already frozen
my muscles shiver like wings of a fly
i wait for you in the cold
time laughs at me

I want to leave hell
but I have to wait
for the noise of the bell
but time keeps me here

time is everywhere
like a sadistic monster nightmare
time has no regrets
it's always as bad as it gets

time is like a river
it drags you away
all you can do is shiver
and hope for a better day

it says that time heals all wounds
but time has teeth like wild hounds
sweet little farm sweet little farm Download | Play i am an artist
and a poet too
i serve a sadist
who i wouldn't sue

his name is muddasheep
your skin begins to creep
i'll tell you the story
about a growing white fury

on a sweet little farm
a sheep was born
it started to harm
and destroyed the farmer's corn

soon it became depressive
it took the farmer's shotgun
and some big explosives
muddasheep was gone

we like muddasheep
we need muddasheep
we are his slaves
and we are unworthy
eagle squad seven eagle squad seven Download | Play one year ago
we started playing
a game that we called

someone told us
to found a clan
and we had an idea
for our future name

we're eagle squad seven
and we shoot you to heaven
we always fly high
and we never die

fear us
because you'll never beat us
and you never see us
when we're over your head

we're eagle squad seven
and we shoot you to heaven
we always fly high
and we never die

we're better
and faster
and greater
and bigger

we aim much better
than you do
we shoot our bullets
right through you

'cause we're eagle squad seven
we shoot you to heaven
we never cry
we never die

fear us
because you'll never beat us
and you never see us
when we're over your head
land of variation (bad day remix) land of variation (bad day remix) Download | Play senseless fools senseless fools Download | Play one day an artist got born
had no money and ate just corn
grew up and created worlds
and entertained boys and girls

he was quite successful
until he left highschool
the artist became dirt
his soul left his heart

then he couldn't spread his wing
the big cage was too small
old big brother cut everything
where brain remained behind the wall

he lived as an artist
with great big success
then he became dirt
on big brother's beautiful ass

why can't we break his senseless rules?
do we really have to be his tools?
yes, I'm gonna break his holy rules
I don't want to be one of his fools
tears tears Download | Play her body shivers and feels cold
she warms herself in my embrace
the darkness surrounds us
her lips tell from tears

she feels alone
in this sadistic industry
overcharged and unnerved
her soul yaws for recovery

her phantasy manipulates the dark
the pressure of the whole humankind
seems to form eyes and squirts
and disturbs her tired mind

my spirit works up her tears
i get her closer to me
noise from outside arrives at my ears
she's all i want to see

she misses her native town
thinks she left all back
her mind makes her accusations
was she too egoistic?

she thinks that

nearly nothing and nobody
takes care of her
she doesn't feel sheltered
it is a plague to her

but there is still hope
love remains in our heads
with your hand in mine
we'll get through it one time
wishful fiction (march remix) wishful fiction (march remix) Download | Play empty paradise empty paradise Download | Play am I really changing?
am I really losing my mind?
I'm floating in an emptyness
keep me back by holding my hand

I just write the same words
I always wrote
I still have the same pain
I always had

I don't want to cry
without you
I don't want to die
without you

I just want to explore you
I just want to feel you close to me
together we will win or lose
simply let our love never end

why can't we just be alone?
why can't we just be free?

forever let us hide here
beneath this protecting apple tree
there is no reason to lose a tear
we eat its fruits
and walk along the sea
killing stones killing stones Download | Play leave your home
don't be sick
leave your family
don't be sentimental

forget the world
create a new life
for your insurance
please take the knive

it's cold out there
must get new friends
must meet some people
to clean the lense

fuck the world
create a better life
fuck your insurance
please jump and dive

jump deep into the water
the clean blue lake
don't forget your stones
to proof it's not a fake

leave the world
create a new death
fuck, it's nonsense
please forget your wrath
you need to say something you need to say something Download | Play forgotten roots forgotten roots Download | Play silent knight silent knight Download | Play silent night, holy night
all is sad, all just died
there's your mother and there's your child
holy infantry, brutal and wild

scream for hell and decease
scream for hell and decease

silent knight, unholy knight
where's your blade? this is your night!
undeads stream from hell afar
victims die at the altar

christ the savior is torn
christ the savior is torn

violent night, sickening night
son of god greets the light
radiant beams break through his face
with the force of rotten graves

say goodbye to your god
say goodbye to your god
reflecting system (infected remix) reflecting system (infected remix) Download | Play chronological (time to remix) chronological (time to remix) Download | Play critical beauty critical beauty Download | Play we're drowning in anger
we're rotten by the truth
we're embittered slaves
we're losing our youth

failure is always
the best way to learn
and the evidence that
we forget what we've learnt

beauty is just a dream
science is just a shame
smiling is just a strain
living is just a pain

I'm fed up being afraid
I'm fed up being a shade
my tears are drying out
my strength begins to fade

if knowledge means suffering
if truth reveals a lie
if white turns into black
I'll leave and never come back

happy depression
beautiful decay
healthy sickness
wonderful life
the sheepmung the sheepmung Download | Play our leader is dead
the flag turned red
we became human slaves
and nobody saves us

on the special day
the sky appeared gray
a human guardian chants
"a black shadow in the distance"

the shepherdess and her sheepmung
humankind is nearly gone
she breaks the strict rule
and fights for our wool

on a black shimmering horse
her sheepmung high rose
not afraid to die
screaming a war cry

she came to rescue us
she hates to discuss
she likes things to be done
before she is gone

the sheepmung won't stop
the shepherdess waves goodbye
chains and shakles split up
like the human skulls
tears (silent remix) tears (silent remix) Download | Play black snow black snow Download | Play smell life and rain
rays of sun let you smile
watch the nature grow again
just stay here for a while

last year the world was dark
I think of it one more time
sadness surrounds my heart
almost nothing was fine

heal my wound
hide my scar
I see black ravens
when I drive my car

sun shines through their wings
snow falls from the sky
sadness lost the fight
it left the ring to die

I want to cry tears of love
I want to scream words of hope

I thank you that you're here for me
I want to hold you endlessly
sleeping sheep sleeping sheep Download | Play close your eyes
your body flies
your hand holds mine
we're feeling fine

forget the time
dream your dream
trust in me
feel my love

we fly with grace
over peaceful space
the wind caresses your face
feel my tender embrace

if you were sad
i wouldn't be glad
but I'd be here for you
to stop your tears

see the dragons
floating in the dawn
look at the knights
they seem to be drawn

over a broken tree
you can hardly see
a slowly gliding
horde of sheep
do not disturb do not disturb Download | Play all you demand from me
is to sweat for something
i neither want nor need
and to keep smiling

smile like a child
hush up all your sins
put on your white fur
hide your sharp crawls

i feel like a lemon
pressed on grooves
the question keeps nagging
"what do you want?"

i want just silence
i want just silence
my soul needs a break

i'm not interested in anything
i'm not interested in anything
i can't kill myself even if I try
i have to suffer till I die

we can't kill ourselves even if we try
we have to suffer till we die
we can't kill ourselves even if we try
we have to suffer till we die
final thought final thought Download | Play
Muddasheep - Fallen Sheep
Fallen Sheep includes my first (and second) steps in making my very own digital music (not remixing, not covering), and that journey began in the year 2000.

I've been composing my own music ever since I started learning to play keyboard at the age of six (in 1990). (My teacher would constantly reprimand me for not playing according to the notes!) Since I didn't have a computer back then, I recorded most of the compositions on tape. When I got my first computer in 1998, I began experimenting by manipulating sounds in Windows Sound Recorder.

My first actual music program was called Magix Music Maker 5. It offered a new amount of freedom that was very addicting for me. I couldn't stop exploring and making new tracks.

I started teaching myself to sing and play more instruments, such as mouth organ and acoustic guitar. Each song brought me one step closer to albums such as the Halfquake Amen soundtrack and Remains.

I created music for my game Halfquake Amen between Fallen Sheep and Remains, but I also added all songs that didn't fit on the HQA soundtrack to Fallen Sheep as well. You could say it was a catch-all collection for all music I made that wasn't dedicated to one project.

Thus, Fallen Sheep was always kind of unorganized. When I relaunched this very website in 2013, I tried to find a fitting order of the songs, removed remixes and covers (they have their own home now), and retrieved the highest quality I could find for each track.

I hope you'll enjoy listening to my journey of creating music.

Release timeframe: 2000-2004



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