May 08th 2007

A long day with no results. I've been looking for a notebook, price ranging from 1k to 1.5k and in the end I just gave up again. It's not worth it. Now that I only travel to Vienna and back four times a month I don't see any real reason anymore that would justify such a huge investment, that would get me a machine which is maybe as good as my three year old PC. That's not even funny.

The process of correcting and proof-reading Antaran's Journal is at approximately 70%. I think I will even print it out and read it again (when I'm on the train). And I hope cafepress is capable of providing a good printing service.

Oh, and I finally decided to get rid of a few DVDs through an ebay auction. My shelves are eternally grateful for being able to breathe again.

Here's another thing. Some of you might have already heard about Taskless Sheep. We're three people trying to create music over the internet and we use a tool called EXP Manager. It's basically a homegrown website where we can create new "projects", upload samples and versions of our tracks, and it even includes a forum. The idea is that there's one mixer for every track who basically decides where the track is going, and the mixer and the other musicians add samples, and the mixer creates new versions out of them. The mixer gets decided randomly, or on free will.

I don't know how many would be interested in using such a tool to make music without meeting other band members, but if the need exists, let me know. Here is a screenshot.

And check out 5angel's deviantart site.