March 07th 2007

I've got a lot of new stuff for you. First of all, click here to watch the most awesomest of animated HQA Comic-ness by 5angel!

And here are a few of the added fan art pictures:

Pospi's HQA EyePospi's Sadism InsidePyroclasm's VictimBooks are bad!The New Victim (by TheNameless)
God bless a merry car (by TheNameless)Keep Smiling (by TheNameless)No (by Pospi)Sadism (by Krehlmar)Your end is near! (by Chewbacca)

I also wrote a review about Secret Files: Tunguska today. And now for a little more ranting on Mathematics!

Muddasheep's Daydream Part 5

Infinity. The imagination of humans is limited. We can think of ten pieces of gold. We can maybe think of one hundred. Trying to picture one thousand pieces of gold is already a bit vague, trying to visualize one million pieces is probably just a joke, and one billion is just this huge, endless mountain of gold - and I just wrote it. Endless. Where does infinity "begin"? Is infinity really infinite or is it just infinite because we can't imagine it? Does infinity end in infinity?

Do we really exist? There are so many factors involved in our ability to sit here and read stuff on the internet, that it is - by our imagination - impossible that we exist. In example, we wouldn't live without the moon. The moon slows earth down and stabilizes it, making it possible to have certain climate areas, so that life can actually evolve and fit into its surroundings. How lucky are we that due to some random meteor that hit the earth the moon was created? And how lucky are we that humans came to be? I say it's impossible. Or is it just impossible because my mind can't cope with the sheer amount of infinite randomness, which maybe isn't infinite or random at all?

I recently read an article about infinity in which it was stated that if you randomly arrange infinite letters next to each other you will never get a Shakespeare book out of it. We are abstract beings and we create abstract things that are so unique they just can't appear twice anywhere in this universe. Doesn't that make you feel special?

Then again, if somebody could go infinitely far away from earth and look back to you, wouldn't that make you infinitely small? So small in fact, that you probably just don't exist? But then, what and where are we?