March 14th 2007

Muddasheep's Daydream Part 6

Something is standing behind you, right now. Turn around. You don't see it? That's because your eyes are specialized on certain frequencies of light. Reach for it and you'll notice you also can't feel it. The reason for this is that humans are made to feel what we call 'solid' material. But it is standing behind you. Maybe it can't see you either and it is just standing there because wherever you are right now you're actually inside a cave of some sort that it chose to live in. There are only six classical senses - or more than 30 according to Guy Murchie. But what if there are a lot of different frequencies that we just can't receive with either our senses and things made out of completely different "material" than we are made of? A different dimension perhaps, but it's not a different dimension in the actual meaning, it's right here, right where you are, it's existing within us, maybe one world or even more. Maybe it has something to do with what we call 'ghosts', only in an extremely larger scale, and they are not souls of dead humans, they are beings just like us, only made out of different basic elements.

Guy Murchie believed that Earth is a single organism. If that is the case then I would say humanity is Earth's plague. But we all knew that already. "You are the cancer of this planet and we are the cure."

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is coming out after seven years under development. It allows players to enter the Zone of Alienation/Chernobyl and explore it. I remember my mother telling me about when I was two years old and the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant exploded and we weren't allowed to go outside for a few days. Just recently I spoke with a new russian friend of mine about what she remembered. She was about the same age like me and she recalls images on television before the nuclear holocaust showing new white buildings that looked very modern back then, and she remembers that a lot of people had died and others were exposed to high radiation that would make them suffer and die a horrible death. Her aunt lives very close to Chernobyl and whenever they visited her aunt my friend felt sleepy and dizzy and her parents just said that it's because of the radiation. In the end I just wonder why some politicians in the European Union call out for nuclear energy and say that it's environment friendly and a very safe and reliable source. I mean, that might be the case, but only until reactors explode.