June 22nd 2010


I hereby announce a new contest! Simply create anything related to Halfquake (i. e. a wallpaper, a flash mini-game, a PHQ skin, some music, a video, a map, etc.) and send it to me. The winner will receive a package loaded with:
Everybody else will also receive a PHQ badge and a letter containing a little surprise. The deadline for this contest is September 1st 2010!

In related news, the Place Where You Can Buy Things has been updated with new (and old) items, including the prestigious Dead Pixel Pet! The Halfquake DVD (which you get for free for a certain amount of money spent) has been updated with new Halfquake Sunrise behind-the-scenes stuff (including mapping videos) and also delivers the loading song in full MP3 glory.

Speaking of Halfquake Sunrise, here are a few reviews and opinions:
And finally, you are about to be hit by a huge media and links information-overflow-storm.
Actine's CheeseActine's ClarityActine's Hung

And finally, I proudly present: Gothazod, hand-crafted by auri.
auri's Gothazod
Gothazod dares you to find all secrets in Halfquake Sunrise (now at version 1.1, which fixes a few minor issues).