January 12th 2004

When I was writing the previous news post I was in a hurry because the lesson was over and I had to shut down the PC immediately. I'm sorry for that.

Anyway, I'm thinking of a concept for Halfquake Sunrise and it shows steady improvement. Also the Halfquake Amen Comic will be updated daily from Monday to Thursday, maybe even Friday. The new Heal The Dragon mode will be finished soon, I just need some more time.

Besides I'm working on a new track which will be a song from the forthcoming soundtrack to Halfquake Sunrise. I've also done some small artworks and sound experiments to get myself into the mood of the place I've left one year ago. Actually it's not that easy. When I look at the pictures I've drawn for HQA I kinda shake my head and say "I can't do that again", but on the other hand I think "I'll do a different kind of art" because I've changed in the last year and the new part of halfquake will be not the same anyway. Well, maybe it will be the same style, but .. different. At least I hope so.

A few people already tell me that it's not a good idea to make another halfquake part because "it's always the same". Well, then I say: It doesn't matter because I make the mod for myself and not for you. And I also add: There's so much left to do in the world of Halfquake that it'd be enough for more than one additional part.

Stay dead.

Update: New song released: Forgotten Roots .. I decided not to include it in the next halfquake ..