January 27th 2004

I started working on the intro song for Halfquake Sunrise yesterday. I've also created the mod folder for it in my halflife directory and added the Spirit program files. Last week I bought a file, like I had one for Halfquake Amen (this time it's black, not green heh). Soon I'll draw the logo and design a section here on the farm. It seems that things start rolling again...

Spirit Of Halflife offers a large variety of possibilities which increases the options for Halfquake Sunrise by about 200%. It's amazing what a single function (MoveWith) can do. I've got a bunch of ideas already and there'll be definitely more.

Meanwhile I'm updating PHQ and HQA Comics regularly and playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for no reason. This game is kinda funny and addictive and it inspires me a bit. Though there's a lack of story there and I don't know... it's called Final Fantasy but it isn't ... somehow. Anyway, Golden Sun was worse than FFTA. But I remember playing Golden Sun during the last few months before the release of Halfquake Amen. Those were the times.

But hey, in about one year you'll be able to play Halfquake Sunrise! Patience is all you need.

Stay dead.