August 07th 2015

There's a new playthrough of the whole Halfquake Trilogy available on YouTube, done by Boy Lag. Here's Halfquake, Halfquake Amen, and Halfquake Sunrise; check it out, if you have the time, I think he did an excellent job (he even found a bug or two).

There has been another PHQ update, as well. People kicked the PHQ generator the first few days of August, and everything is back online now, but the black market has been destroyed, waiting for repair orders of the King or Queen. Who knows what will happen next...

I'm currently on vacation, but still working on my book; I keep trying to finish it as soon as possible. I still need more valuable feedback from my beta readers, which is going to take a little bit longer, as I'm adding more people to the list. I'm having doubts whether it's possible to finish it this year at all. At least, I can start working on other projects while waiting.

I've been talking about this before, but my next project will be a Unity game. Which, I can't tell exactly, but I guess there will be one or two test games to get a grip on the engine, and then continue doing something bigger. I'm really looking forward to it at this point, finally coming back to games, something interactive with a new soundtrack.

I'm also still posting trivia on my Patreon page, recently I talked about new games (The Royal Beam, BloggeRPG / LetteRPG), took a closer look at health problems in the Halfquake Trilogy, and revealed more details about the Halfquake Amen Comics.

I've also announced cumulative rewards, which you can check out here, if you're interested.