April 14th 2004

Reporting in. I'm still alive (or the opposite), I've got a few additional ideas for HQS and at the moment I don't feel like working on PHQ anymore for some weeks. The reasons are just human and the more I think about it and my current situation the more I realize that things have gone into the wrong direction from the first moment. Single player is better than multi player. Because one human is intelligent and the more people there are the less intelligent people you'll see. I'm not insulting anyone and I don't want to offend anyone. All I want to say is that games featuring player versus player fights/competitions do not feature a happy end.

At the moment PHQ has no end at all, but we're far away from happiness.

But the good side effect - as weird as it might sound - is that I have more time for Halfquake Sunrise now. And for the comics, hopefully.

The next song for Halfquake Sunrise is almost finished and today I might continue working on my world.

Stay dead.