August 26th 2003

The sheep of insanity is back from The Vacation Of Fate.
The good things first.
We bought a Playstation 2 and played Shadow Hearts, Tekken Tag Tournament, Crash Bandicoot - The Wrath of Zortak and of course Final Fantasy X. And we were together the whole time, enjoying it. And I didn't have to go to work and I could find some new ideas for my next project.
Now I tell you the negative sides of the vacation.
My girlfriend broke her left little toe, we had to take care of the grave of her grandfather on the cemetary each day (light the candle, water the flowers), we had to take care of all flowers and plants in both flats, take out the dustbins, etc... we had to take care of her grandmother, especially her wound on her right foot, we had to decide what we all should eat and her grandmother isn't that easy on that one, and we always had to wash the dishes after meal, my girlfriend's cat died and she cried almost two nights and days, her mother also cried and I saw the fight between the veterinarian and the cat Silver who had attacked us because of a cancer we didn't know it had, and after he had taken a look into its throat he told us that it would be better when he puts it down, not only better for Silver, but also better for us, so after it was dead we stroke its fur and cried, then my girlfriends mother buried it with the help of some old friends in a garden beneath a large tree, we visited the grave at night and said goodbye for the last time.. then we took our second cat Spirit to our flat where we slept, because Spirit was in the flat of the grandmother before.. yes, everything's very complicated..
All in all in these four weeks of vacation we were tired, sweating in the heat, and really really pissed.
But at least we were together. Most of the time we couldn't enjoy it, but yet it still was good. Because if my girlfriend had to do that all alone it would be a lot worse.
My girlfriend's hometown is kinda like the City Of Death to me. Almost every year someone near to us dies. Last year it was her grandfather and the other grandmother. This year it was her cat Silver, it meant everything to her and now a part of my girlfriend is gone with the cat.
But it's not only in this city, it's everywhere around me actually. This year my grandfather died, the one who had the talent to entertain people, to make music, the one who gave me the talent to continue his musical ways.
In this four weeks of "vacation" I thought a lot about my future, my next steps, my next projects. There is a need for something new inside of me. I thirst for new grounds to explore, new abilities to develop. But I don't want to give up my old worlds. Not at any price.
But what happens if I don't have the time any more to do creative works, to create worlds out of my mind and to take care of them? I don't want to be surrounded by disappointed people, I don't want to be left alone anymore, just because the republic wants me to waste years of my life just to be actually able to live.
I dream of a place where we all can meet, hang around, eat and drink together. I really think that it would be possible to create a restaurant for depressive people, I even think that something like that already exists, but I won't hand out any alcohol or drugs. Depression is the worst drug anyway.
And pospi, I am with you all the time, I read your entries on your page, including the hidden ones and all I can do is wish you better times, I would do more if I could, I would meet you and talk to you and try to cheer you up, but at this distance I can only say:
Dude, you're one of us and you're gonna make it.

Stay dead.