Art, Music, Bloodsucker - Faith in Despair Devlog #29

I've been looking for artists for a while and finally Faith in Despair has art now. First artist is Vergvoktre, who was already featured in the Halfquake Trilogy. Second is Marvin Blattert, who has provided art for blessings.

The cello track is also in the game now, and it plays in chapter 3. I worked together with Lou Dunand-Vincent again, who has worked with me previously.

And lastly, there's a new deck called Bloodsucker. I wanted a deck that focuses on "stealing HP" while having low HP. It needed special lacrima for an additional way to save Despair, and I think it works well. Lots of playtesting is still needed, but I think it's fun.

More decks are planned, of course, including a Mirage deck, which I'm very excited about.

It's always cool to see when a small change can lead to a different game feel.

This update represents kind of a milestone for me. It's still not feature or content complete, but I now see a game before me, which is always a special moment. Seeing chapter 3 with the new background and the new cello music feels like something the game has been leading me towards all this time. And I'm excited to see where it wants to go next.

I have one more big feature planned that I won't talk about just yet. It doesn't mean "big" in the sense of adding a completely new game mode, but "big" as in... it will add to the atmosphere of the game, and I think it will be focus of the next update. But we'll see.

Gamescom is coming closer, and I want to make sure the demo is as polished as possible, so I might not want to add anything "experimental" in the next few weeks.


The heat is also getting worse, so I have to carfully pick my battles. High temperatures are my Achilles heel.

Either way, dear reader, play the game and let me know what you think.