Turnament: RELEASED!

Turnament on Steam

The remaster of my old flash game from 2006 has finally been released.

You can buy it on Steam or itch.io. The soundtrack is available as a DLC and on Bandcamp. It will be available on Spotify, iTunes and more soon.

You can buy a Turnament t-shirt on my store. Use the code "TURNAMENT" to get a 20% discount on the whole order.

This is a pretty special moment for me. I've reconnected to my past self, in a way. And it's a stepping stone for my future games. In 2006, Turnament was a way to get myself back on track. In 2023, it's there to propel me forward.

I'm grateful for everyone of you who plays my games and listens to my music. My journey is not yet over, and I'm glad you're tagging along.