June 14th 2003

Hi there.

I found another interesting site: Click here. It's some sort of online game for which you can create your own levels and someone did a halfquake thing for it. Though I don't know the controls for it, all I could do is turn around with the arrow keys and fire with F. But I guess that's why it's called Halfquake hehe...

I also found out that someone on www.sms.at created a mobile phone logo called "Halfquake" which looks like an evil smiley. This is only working for austrians, but it's cool anyway cause I don't know who did this.

Also I forgot to mention the comic page "Kingpen" by moxdiamond (sorry dude, but better late than never): Click here (www.kingpen.tk) and another french forum entry containing a link to halfquake: SiteDuZero

It's amazing how halfquake spreads...

Next thing is that it is quite hot here and I'm totally lazy. I can't do anything but sweat, sweat and curse the sun out there. It would be cool if someone could make a giant disc above this city avoiding sunbeams and heat. It would cost almost nothing cause on this disc would be enough space for lots of sponsors heh. Of course this already happened in one episode of the Simpsons in which Burns made such a disc and stole Springfield its sun. But hey, I'd be glad if someone were that rich and could do something like that. I hate sun and heat and I fucking want to finish personal halfquake without sweating to death.

As for the tshirt contest I already got 10 people who sent me something. More would be appreciated of course. (:

I wonder why www.gamerschronicle.com is down .. anyway, I'll go back to somewhere, waiting for autumn and winter.

Stay dried.

p.s.: The Money Syndrome - No TCPA