Phapabel Demo, Messiah Release

Djigallag released an early version of his game Phapabel Entertainment. Check it out! It's 63,3% complete and has 12 chapters to play. I've taken some screenshots:

DmitriyTheFox released his (unfinished) Postal 2 mod Messiah. You need Postal 2 to run it, obviously. More info in the readme file inside the zip folder. Here's what you can expect:

Special shout out to DrRhubarb. He's made lots of ambient tracks, including a a main theme for an unfinished Cry of Fear mod.

Last, but not least, say hi to Alex Clay, a fellow gamedev! Why not follow him and give him some motivation to continue doing what he loves to do. (:

As for yours truly, I've continued practicing my new piano tracks:

More to come in the future (: