September 14th 2014

Here we have new fan art by Dmitriy The Fox and Kvindor!


Dmitriy is working on a Postal 2 mod called Useless Soul, which connects to the Halfquake world and thus also uses textures from Halfquake.

And finally, Niles wrote a blog article about the meaning of Halfquake and another one that explores the idea of MLP crossing over with Halfquake.

I've been thinking a lot about creating as a service vs. creating as a hobby. My stuff isn't sold anywhere and my motivations behind creating new things is because I have ideas that I like to realize, and ultimately I like to entertain people. Making people laugh is something that I've enjoyed ever since I was a child. Some of my stuff is available in my shop, but that is just something for people who appreciate real objects, and I also like to surprise people with each and every package I send out. The profit I make is minimal, it completely evaporates into nothingness when you consider the monthly costs of running this site (which isn't a lot to begin with), so money isn't the driving force behind my creations.

I have friends who create games for money. One in particular recently admitted to me that he is "a prime example of whoring out". He creates clones of other successful mobile games, and even copies those clones and sells them with new art themes. The result? He's actually making money. He says, he's offering a service to people.

It's no different than the work I do for money (I'm a web programmer). But the things I make for the pure sake of creating them have a special place in my heart. Even so, by sharing them, am I not offering a service as well? By wanting to make people laugh and experience new things - is what I'm doing that much different to what my friend is doing?

I always disliked the term "hobby". It has a negative vibe to it, it sounds like just something you do on the side, when you're bored. (I'm never bored, but that's a topic for another time.) When I build things they consume me and I give everything I have to breathe life into them. They're a part of me. So what is it that I'm doing? It's not a hobby, it's not a job. Is it a service? Am I just reaching for attention? Perhaps. Has it something to do with my past? Possibly. Maybe I haven't gotten a lot of attention when I was young, and I learned to appreciate the wonderful response of you all to carry on. Not only with my creations, but with my life.

So it's not a hobby, it's not a job - this is just me, being alive...