April 01st 2013

I thought long and hard about what to do for this year's April Fool's day, and since Personal Halfquake is celebrating ten years of killing victims (first release was March 1st 2003), instead of the (almost) annual short story, I've decided to open the doors of an old game of mine - I'm a Dragon.

The content hasn't changed from the last version that used to be online back in 2005. The only thing that is different is how the content gets displayed. And a lot of features are missing. In the version that is available now you can:
  • Sign Dragonbooks
  • Complete WaterQuests
  • Complete PictureQuests
  • Ask the Fortune Teller where the next picture is located in the arena
  • Fight monsters in the arena (dice roll)
  • Walk around using WASD, arrow keys, or mouse clicks
  • Use 1 to 9 to select dialogue options while talking to NPCs
  • Explore Dragonland, Drageen's Empire and the Place of Nowhere (the exits are in the corners of the arena - you have to find the correct key)
Missing features:
  • Room creation
  • PvP
  • Seeing other people move around
  • IAD Sound Designer integration
It's really just a single-player game right now, letting you check out what I've made eight years ago. I may come back to IAD and finish the other planned areas and add the missing features, but for now I thought it was important to give it at least some kind of closure, after having been banned to development hell for so long.

At this point I'd also like to thank Steltie for giving IAD a try as well. He built up a really cool server-client communication a few years ago, but I failed to see it through. The current version that I've whipped up myself again is a quick new window based on the old database. It should suffice (and yes, it will probably once again blow up the server).

If you want to read the Making Of, click the question mark on the left side once you're logged in.

Happy April Fool's day, have fun!