February 26th 2003

Important day!

First I became the artist of the week on gamerschronicle.com! Thanks to deiru!

Then an e-mail reached my soul:


I just wanted to let you and your team know that I really enjoy this mod.. it's frustrating, cool, completely original, and throws the player in interesting and sometimes scary situations that one would only see in Hell itself. Being a former film major I can respect your influences from films like "Cube" (I always thought it would make a great game or mod) and you guys gave the public half-quake which is an INCREDIBLE concept! Also, being involved heavily in the film music process, I must say how impressed I am with your orignal compositions and your music selection, they work so well! I actually used to compose orchestral / techno music for student films in film school, I wrote music for 9 films and sound very realistic. To be honest, if you need someone to do more of an ambient orchestral track or two, please let me know, i would be very interested in doing some music for you guys if you plan on doing a third sequel. If you want to hear some samples of my music, head over to http://www.mp3.com/cj5 . Also, I've attatched a small piece of music I've done inspired by your Half-Quake mods to show you how much I do truly enjoy them. Enjoy! And keep up the great work!


Rich Douglas

You can download this very good piece of music here. Thanks to you Rich!