November 14th 2007

New images have found their way onto the server.

Loony99's SapienceLoony99's CubesTaskBeenden's HQSTaskBeenden's Road to SadismMuddasheep's Eight Lives Left

The flash games Turnament and Phabetal have finally received their own pages. Welcome home!

Taskless Sheep is doing alright, not as good as all participants would like it to be, but we're definitely getting somewhere.

I'm a Dragon is on indefinite hold for the moment, or rather it seems to be turning into something else entirely. You'll have to wait and see, as usual.

The new book is coming along nicely. I'm still attending the almost regular writing meetings with my cousin. We've met four times to write, and without her and those meetings I would've probably stopped already. I'm really glad to have this pool of motivation that I can get back to whenever I am in need of it.

Speaking about writing, I'm sure you've heard about the Writer's Guild of America Strike and the shows that are affected (Lost and Heroes, for example).

And last, but not least, I strongly recommend the anime Welcome to the NHK.