July 16th 2007

Largely because of your messages - which I can't thank you enough for - I've found my grip again and I'm slowly climbing back up. There will be a few updates in the next few days, but I don't want to tell you which ones. One of the things that put pressure on me was that I kept telling about project progression and then couldn't find the time and/or motivation to fulfill those promises. Even if you say you don't care, it's more of a personal thing. When I promise certain goals to myself and can't reach them, I have this feeling of failure in my head.

Therefore there won't be a lot of project status news anymore. The only indication of progress will be seen on the projects page through each project's percentage of completion. New projects will only be announced and put on the projects page when they have reached at least, say, 80% of completion. IAD is an exception, as I've already started writing the Making Of, and I will continue to contribute more entries. However, I might hold newly written entries back for a while and then upload a bunch of them at once.

The drawback of holding back project news is that I don't get instant feedback, which in case of positive feedback would make it harder in terms of acquiring motivation. On the other hand, it doesn't raise any levels of expectations on your side, thus the motivation level should be the same - if not higher because the only expectation I have to meet then is the overall quality of my projects that you are accustomed to.

The Radical Slim Shake Drink is also still available and will be updated whenever new projects are announced or released - as usual.

Now as for actual project news, the Halfquake Amen Comic is finished and the remaining twelve comics are going to be released in the next few days.

Stay dead.