April 01st 2007

Day 61 of Antaran's Journal has been found on my desk under a pile of mobile phone bills.

Muddasheep's Daydream Part 8

Hello, nice to meet you. My balloon is Lightslategray.

I sometimes wonder why we don't have a balloon attached to our hands right after birth. A balloon that would be of the color the parents can choose, just like a name, but instead of a name. You wouldn't have a name like Michael Jordan or Ben Kingsley anymore, just Darkturquoise or Floralwhite. Your passport wouldn't have a name, no photo, no address - just 16 pages full of your color. You can pay with your balloon by holding it in front of Balloon Scanners and it automatically subtracts the paid money from your bank account. Touching other's balloons would be highly illegal (unless you're married or related). There would be a group of people whose balloons have burst, they live in the dark alleys, a tragic life with no identity. You can kill somebody by stinging his or her balloon, that's why there will be balloons made of cannabis material. Imagine Bill Gates' - or rather Gold's - golden balloon getting shot in front of a restaurant, the news channels blaring about the Assassination of Gold. Imagine suicide sects, standing on a hill with scissors, cutting off their balloons at the same time, seeing the mass of different colored balloons slowly rising up the sky. There will be laws for each country for the limited colors they can choose from, and ultimately there will be wars between several humans of different colors, just because their balloons are just not the same. It will be blasphemy to love somebody who has the same balloon color, it will be said that it brings misfortune and impotence. We could dispose of airbags- we have our balloons to save our heads in accidents. Actually, if we make bigger balloons we could get rid of all the means of transportations and just fly around hanging on our colored friends. There will be Balloon Stations should your balloon need a fresh amount of helium. Balloon Care facilities could offer a face lift for your balloon - your identity - for a large amount of money. Priests will tell stories about the Crucifixion of Saint Balloon, and scientists reveal studies of how the bursting of a black balloon caused the Big Bang (is that racist?). Muslim women won't cover their bodies anymore, only their balloons will wear burqas. A whole dedicated fashion trend will arise, producing clothes for everyone's balloons. You would be able to adopt forsaken balloons from the Balloon Shelter for your new born child. Pets will have small balloons as well. Actors will be cast by the look of their balloons. Porn will feature scenes of multiple balloons rubbing against each other. The graveyards will be full of balloons, bound to the gravestones of their owners who died before their balloons burst (those balloons can still be used for payment, so graveyards must invest in tighter security). And when your view in the stadium is blocked by thousands of balloons and you even think once that balloons are maybe actually obsolete - your balloon will magically burst.