January 30th 2007

Just got the following email today, guess I'm busted:

"Hello mr. muddasheep!

I am very proud to througugly (new wordcreation, you see my ingenuity?)
tell you, I just did something formerly impossible: My incredible
brilliancy allowed me to tear away the mantle of you unrecognisable
condition. I finally revealed, you're german! (Or at least using german
words in your conception phase of the famous HQA-comics) ! <- [This is
just to paper over the cracks of incorrect orthography]
So, here ist the evidence, attached the mail (they are the only
originals, so I thrust you being nice to them, feed them and let them
I would like to hear from you soon.

Auf wiedersehen (cant stop pointing out that point >)
Mr. noname