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I haven't slept much. Unlike my last visit to this place we now don't have any clothes to cover ourselves - except the ones we're wearing. I watched the rays of the sun shining through the only window in the morning, slowly revealing what the candle's weak light wasn't able to show. Tartek and Sereliaen looked like they caught some sleep, warming each other with their bodies. It made me miss Carana a lot more than I already did...
When the sun seemed to stand high Tartek went closer to the bars and held two of them firmly with his hands, breathing deeply, having his eyes closed - and then returned to take care of Sereliaen. That was the moment the door to the jail was opened and two Insomida Guards came in, followed by the princess - Kina - and to my surprise the king as well. The guards stood to each side and the king and his daughter came closer to the door.
"Good morning," the king said with a broad smile on his disgusting face.
Tartek and I just looked at him, Sereliaen was lying closely to Tartek, resting her head on his shoulder with eyes closed.
"How are you today? Feeling a bit cold?" the king chuckled.
"What do you want?" Tartek mumbled.
"Oh, what I want is too much for now, you will see soon enough. For now I just want to satisfy my daughter's needs. I hear this woman treated my child pretty badly, is that true?" The king raised his heavy eyebrows.
"That depends, taken out of context you might get the wrong idea," Tartek answered. "To be honest, have you thought that your child maybe deserved to be taught some certain level of respect? My memory tries to tell me that actually some father sent his daughter to a place to teach her some manners, but I guess those are just rumors."
I saw Kina's eyes glowing. The king's laughter echoed off the walls.
"Let's just say that certain daughter lost a bet, that is all. Guard, open the gates. Do as I told you earlier," the king ordered. I was confused and looked at Tartek who slowly stood up with Sereliaen, carefully watching the guard's steps. Hesitantly I got up on my feet as well.
One of the guards opened the door, the other stepped in, drew his sword - and pointed it at Tartek's throat. The king entered the cell and marched in my direction. The guard who had opened the door followed the king, also drew his sword and pointed it at Sereliaen's throat.
With the back of his hand the king slapped me in the face and I lost my balance for a short moment.
"What are you doing?" Tartek yelled.
"Shut your mouth!" The king's voice silenced Tartek and he looked at me again. "Is this yours?" He pointed at the journal lying on the floor where I had been sitting.
As I didn't respond at first the king threatened to kill Tartek and Sereliaen, so naturally I admitted that it indeed was my book, I didn't tell him yet that it actually was a journal.
"Were you using it as well or did you just carry it around to have something to cuddle with during cold nights?" the king asked, his eyes deeply staring at me. I heard the princess chuckling childishly.
The beginning of a sentence was formed with my mouth but the king just hit me again - I fell on the floor. With an avaricious motion the king grabbed my book off the dirty ground, left the cell with Kina and gestured something to the guards, who moved backwards outside again, closing the door, putting away their swords, locking the cell and leaving us again.
A few moments later one of the guards appeared and threw small pieces of very old bread at us through the bars, moving out of the jail immediately afterwards again. Needless to say, we didn't eat it.

I didn't expect to get my journal back, but after the sun was long gone the king actually barged in and - with surprising precision - managed to throw the journal through the bars, and it landed in front of my feet.
"So, you hate spiders?" he said.
After showing one of the most evil grins I have ever witnessed he left the jail.

Another night in prison. My cheek's hurting, I'm hungry and thirsty, and I think I'm getting a cold, I keep sneezing and coughing all the time. Sereliaen has been staring at the ground for a very long time now, I think she's not really capable of coping with all this anymore. At least Tartek is really taking good care of her, gently stroking her head and whispering comforting words in her ears ...

The candle has almost burnt down completely.
I wonder if it will be replaced.
Hmm ...
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