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Old Farm

Around the year 2000 - The Farm was created by muddasheep (that's me!) and a friend nicknamed kell.hound, based on the idea of coming up with maps and releasing them on a shared platform.

kell.hound was leading a project called "The Search" (a Half-Life single player mod) and I was working on various Counter-Strike maps (cs_therock, de_basin, cs_remember).

A few months after The Farm was born, kell.hound said goodbye. Here are other people that have joined and left The Farm throughout the years:
  • Phoenix: Creator of hq2_phoenix for Halfquake Amen
  • Swartz: Writer of several reviews
  • Sven: Continued writing reviews after Swartz left
  • Darrn: Creator of a canceled Halfquake add-on
  • H4ndy: Creator of a standalone version of BombVictims and ChosenVictim (canceled)
  • TheAwake: Creator of the Halfquake Amen add-on The Present
Old Sven's Corner
The Farm design changed on December 09th 2002.

As of 2007, The Farm is a "muddasheep" website, collecting everything I've ever created. Here's a rough chronological overview: In 2013, the Farm exploded and made way for the new version.