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Tower Defense Park - by muddasheep

Tower Defense Park

In the year 5199 human beings are gone. Sheep got wings through evolution, have taken control of this planet and turned the world into a giant park area. Now they create clones of self-invented creatures and send them through their parks. All sheep enjoy watching those parks after a stressful day. And today is your chance to show your visitors everything you got!

  • Build towers, trees and decorations to get attention and more visitors!
  • Create creatures and send them through your park!
  • Increase your entry fee to play at higher risk!
  • Annoy your enemies by using spells!
  • Variety counts! Build various types of creatures, towers and trees to get bonus parkscore!
  • Play against up to 5 business men and show your business strength!

  • 4 different towers
  • 3 different trees
  • 6 different monsters
  • 3 different decorations
  • 4 different spells
  • 6 player slots
  • lots of flying sheep

  • Your score gets divided by 2 if you send less creatures than your total towers amount
  • Your score gets divided by 2 if you don't send any creatures
  • You get bonus gold each night if you have the highest parkscore
  • The higher your entry fee the lower your score and the less visitors will come
  • Your worker summons buildings and doesn't work during the night
  • Leaked creatures cause a permanent penalty on your score
  • Blocking causes your creatures to attack your towers
  • Trees give you additional lumber each round and cost 2 food
  • Towers produce 2 food each, creatures cost 1 food, park office produces 10 food

  • Version 1.1


  • What is "Tower Defense"?
    "Tower Defense" is a custom game type for Blizzard's Warcraft3. Basically you build attacking towers (eventually in a maze) and you must kill all incoming creatures. You lose if you leak too much.
  • What is "Tower Defense Park"?
    "Tower Defense Park" is almost the same like usual TD's, but here you have to spawn your creatures on your own, build trees, get visitors, set an entry fee and more. You need the Frozen Throne add-on to be able to play this map.
  • What is the goal?
    The goal is to be the first business man who reaches the score limit.
  • Can I play this map alone?
    TowerDefensePark can be played alone, though it doesn't make a lot of sense since you always get all available visitors and the bonus for best park.
  • Will you still work on this map after the release?
    I guess so. There'll be a little balancing work and maybe I'll add new features. So keep coming back!
  • The whole TD idea kinda reminds me of Halfquake.
    Maybe that's why I love TDs so much, hehe.

  • auriane for all those nerves she lost because of my passion for this map
  • blizzard for spending so much time on creating wonderful games
  • the guy who created the tower defense myth for.. well, creating it
  • all people who produced great tower defense maps for keeping this myth alive
  • nine inch nails for inspiration
  • evolution for creating sheep and cats
  • nature for producing pittoresque landscapes and sunsets

    I created this map as an experiment, to distract myself from reality and to get some fresh ideas in my head. It took me about 6 hours to plan, a month to complete and a few hours to balance it. Working with the WorldEditor has been really convenient and funny. Also using so many colors in a map again (descriptions, game messages, etc.) was like awaking from a dark grave...
    Anyway, this map should be considered as an admiration for Tower Defense. It seems odd, but I bought WarcraftIII and The Frozen Throne only because of Tower Defense and other custom games like DoTa and AoS.
    Actually this is my second attempt to create a map for Warcraft3. The first one involved hundreds of soldiers and minor trigger experiments. I deleted it because of hate and lost motivation.
    I hope you enjoy playing TowerDefensePark like I enjoyed creating it. If you have any suggestions, criticism or if you found a bug send an email to
    Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.