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September 05th 2017

I've begun working on the Steam version of Halfquake Trilogy. You can follow my progress over here.


August 30th 2017

August 10th 2017

July 19th 2017

Phobia is a short film by a handful of talented students in Munich. They used my song "one way or another", and I think the movie's pretty good, so go check it out and share some positivity. :D

June 21st 2017

As you probably know, Halfquake has been greenlit (before Greenlight died). I think it's awesome that it got over 700 "yes" votes, and I think that wouldn't have been half as much fun if I had submitted it via Steam Direct. So, again, thank you all for voting.

Now what? Well - I've contacted Valve (*humblebrag*) and they'll help me with a standalone version. If that doesn't come to fruition, I'll just upload it as a mod for Half-Life; I'd be able to live with that. Once my piano tracks are done (soon) and Melody Maze is complete (soon...ish) and the three songs for a secret project I'm working on are finished (August) - I'll start merging all HQ mods into one giant project and add what I said I would add. This is gonna be lots of fun, and I'll chronicle all stuff over on my patreon page for everyone to see.

Speaking of which, I recently uploaded a piece of music I played when I was 10 years old, but you'll have to buy me half a cup of coffee to hear it. That's how much my private life is worth, I guess.

I also drew something and sang a song for my patrons, including Mr. Moonlyer (hi!).

Also, as a special thank you to *you* - whoever you are, reading this on this very website - if you send me an email with the subject "WALTER STEELE", I will reply and give you the PDF version of Walter's Deal for free. Plenty of people told me they enjoyed it, and I want you guys to give it a try too.

Hope you all are having a good time, see you again soon!




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