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October 21st 2012

I Know (by Nightsmoke)

Thanks to Nightsmoke for sending me this amazing portrait of Somos and his new CD via old school mail! (There's a lot of stuff in the CD case.)

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, he has created a website offering a look behind the (death) scenes of his Halfquake Trap Design video.

Speaking of behind the death scenes, I'm still working on the HQS article - just a little bit longer.

October 01st 2012

Here are new images by Malastrome15, Noobito777 and KeshaFilm:

Malastrome15's Muddasheep PortraitMalastrome15's Taskless Sheep CoverHalfquake (by Noobito777)Keshafilm's Halfquake and WolfThat's the only room ... (by Keshafilm)

Usually, TV shows have so-called "transitional episodes". Sometimes they turn out boring and you end up just sitting there, watching pieces being moved around, but they're still quite important to set up characters and move the plot in a certain way, so that the following stories make sense to the viewer and it can start being exciting again.

Right now, I'm sort of living through a transition. I've made a decision that resulted in quite an impact on my life and the dust has only begun to settle.

Plainly speaking, instead of living in two cities, I am now living in one. I haven't had a singular home in the past decade and it feels strange to live in only one place without having to move 200 kilometers every weekend. While it comes with a host of new problems, it also solves a lot of others that have bothered me for a while now. The point of it all is that I am no longer living a compromise. I've made a decision.

My lack of presence here on this very website is a result of me trying to find footing and regain balance. But I'm confident I'll be able to continue working on my projects very soon (and I never stop thinking about them anyway).

In the meantime, here's something I've been wanting to release for a while:
The Halfquake Do-It-Yourself Kit, which contains all source files of the Halfquake Trilogy. (Sure, you could've just opened or reverse-engineered the BSP files with specific programs, but this is the actual source I've worked with.)

The package also includes batchfiles, FGD and RAD files, and Zoner's HL Tools if you fancy compiling the maps yourself.

And finally, if you haven't seen it yet, here's a look at old versions of Halfquake Sunrise. A write-up about the whole history of HQS will follow soon.

August 01st 2012

More Halfquake content for you to feast on:

EvilSun's AmbienceNek070's Ambience3MadMan's Cookies (Just For Victims)

Paul sent me an unused idea that he had wanted to turn into a Halfquake Trap Contest submission. Give it a read, it's good!

And Malastrome15 has been throwing out Halfquake related videos the past few weeks, such as the Victim's Mind series and some music videos.

Before I forget: the contest winner Nightsmoke released a new album, stating that he was influenced by Halfquake.

June 26th 2012

First Place

I suggest you get your hands on the high quality version (with music by Nightsmoke).

Second Place

For the supersize version you might want to let your mouse get in contact with this link.

Third Place

EvilSun's trap works as follows: You have two rooms, one room with a chair for the victim, one with a radio that plays recorded screams of one of the victim's friends (can also contain a real person instead for even more fun). The victim can either choose to stay alive (for a while) by pressing a button which kills the other (imaginary) person with acid, or commit suicide (and thus save his friend).

Thank you Nightsmoke, Denikover and EvilSun for the awesome submissions!

June 25th 2012

And that's it - the contest is officially over! Results will be posted soon. If you have any leftover ideas that weren't fruitful don't hesitate and send them to me anyway and I'll gladly take a look and reply with my thoughts.

I'm working on a write-up about the making of Halfquake Sunrise and I was wondering if any of you have particular questions that I shall address; I'd happily answer anything that you guys come up with (because I just love to talk about my stuff for hours and hours).




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