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October 15th 2009


Here are four random Halfquake related animations by Funnycreature: One Minute of Sadism, Cute Bastards, Don't Believe Your Mind, and Madness?.

And three more victi-, uh, pictures by Funnycreature and Actine.

Funnycreature's All Your SoulsFunnycreature's ScreamActine's Barbie in the Sadistic Village

Oh and hey, I just heard that due to various reasons (primarily health) Halfquake Sunrise will be released in spring 2010!

I wanted to build a time machine and travel into the future to steal the final version from my future self and release it today, but I couldn't find my hammer, so I suppose waiting is once again your only option! And getting some coffee. Maybe.

September 01st 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: Mary Extraordinary.

(Not to be confused with Gary Ordinary, of course.)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Welcome to Halfquake!"

Exactly seven years ago, this introduction to the victim hammering TV show was first heard by a handful of people who actually downloaded and played Halfquake Amen on its release day on September 1st 2002.

Seven years!

The fact that you guys are still around today is simply awesome. So, let me just say, thank you for your patience and keep your fingers crossed for a 2009 release of Sunrise.

August 18th 2009

Once again, more art provided by the fine folks Actine, the9mmsolution and James.

Actine's Life Death Exit RoomActine's Message From MuddasheepActine's Sadism Express Toythe9mmsolution's ViolenceJames' Halfquake Amen

And here's how to move mountains with motivation.

July 29th 2009

KiddiKai and Actine have provided us with more food for our hungry eyes:

KiddiKai's Ambience Actine's Plug and Play

Also, in case you haven't noticed yet, a new Personal Halfquake version has been released!

June 16th 2009

Halfquake Sunrise is about 60% done right now. Most of the maps are complete and I'm starting to move over to the sound department.

I'm working on a Personal Halfquake update too, which will solve all - or at least most - of the current problems, and naturally introduce some new ones (it wouldn't be fun otherwise).

And here's a little ear candy: Kowi's remix of Critical Beauty.




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