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October 02nd 2013

First off, a new take on Halfquake Amen by Strelok.

And finally, new images by Noobito777 and TheMrVictim.

September 06th 2013


More art by Mr. Sen and Noobito777, you two are awesome!

Also, you can now get notified when Rotten Melody is done.

Happy 11th birthday, Halfquake Amen. Here's a cover by SoMoS.

August 05th 2013

Here's the new teaser website for the new Taskless Sheep album called Rotten Melody. It'll be done soon!

Seems like the store is having a little party! Since the competition released a new product called Anything, I went ahead and lowered all prices by 30%.

July 05th 2013

Here's a shiny SourceFilmMaker version of Patience by TheMrVictim.

And that's it! There's not much else to tell. Any questions?

June 02nd 2013

My significant other released her first book called The Bride of the Immortal. It's free in the next few hours. It has several really cool moments, so even though a romantic story might not be your cup of tea, you should definitely check it out! (I suggested a word and she even included it, so I helped writing 0.00000001% of it!)

TheMrVictim created an awesome video named Hostage, utilizing the song Pills by Nameless.

And as for me - I've uploaded Taskless Sheep's Meadow Mayhem on YouTube. The new album is about half-way finished, too!

And finally, if you haven't seen it yet, here's my latest experiment: Node City




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